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Completely surrounded by fences with dirt roads that link the farmhouses providing absolute privacy totally immerged in silence broken only by the singing of birds.

It is thickly wooded and according to the seasons dotted with wild roses, broom, prickly pear, violets and holly.

Wild life including cuckoo birds, pheasants, hares, boars, deer, and porcupines find a perfect home in these woods.


The house sits on a two acre, fenced-in property and is flanked by spacious (automatically-watered) lawns

and terraces with several different outdoor seating areas.


Within the property is a unique meditation garden ideal for reading and relaxing,

and a main garden with a varied rose collection. 

The gardens are complemented by two large wooden-floor decks that provide guests

with unique views of the valley and surrounding towns.


Guests will also enjoy fresh fruit, eggs and vegetables from house’s own vegetable garden, chicken pen and orchard.